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Bill McKenna – Producer, Writer, director and co-host of this thing we call Not Another Podcast, Bill spends many nights trying to figure out Who Stole the Bread Flour.  A native of NJ, he was the youngest elected public official in NJ at the age of 23 in 1998, he was also kicked out of the state in 2003 for the same reason.  He held securities licenses for 15 years providing 401(k) plans to corporate America before people like Bernie Madoff made me reconsider what he was doing. He likes long walks on the beach, pina colodas and getting caught in the rain.  He isnot afraid to take a road trip… his car mileage can prove it.  He drives a Mazda 3 Hatchback, making him a pretty big deal…  He lives in Herndon, VA for almost 2 years now and before that Old Town Alexandria for 10 years.  




Brought to You By the Letter O

Brought to You By the Letter O


Brett Simons- Co-Host Not Another Podcast?  Other than that, I am exceptionally boring, root for all the DC sports teams… except The Wiz.  A fan boy of the Foo Fighters and KISS as well, there’s a pretty good chance that Dave Grohl, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have restraining orders out against me. I reside in Herndon, VA with my exceptionally Cool (and tolerant) girlfriend Kathy.  I just joined twitter…. show me some love @fooboy21  And I know who stole the bread flour… 





How NAP? Became NAP?  

It really started a few years ago… Friends of Bill McKenna knew he did some college radio, was the voice of  The Dunellen Destroyers High School Football Team and did the occasional High School Football Game of the Week on TV back in my home state of New Jersey.  Life happens and Bill moved to the Washington, DC area with a new job and his life in broadcasting came to a sudden end.  Fast forward a few years later and Bill would go out both in DC and back home in NJ and people would tell him, “You NEED to have a TV or radio show… you are good at it”.    So finally, Bill decided to create a podcast, a newer medium available for anyone willing to put in time and effort for a broadcast show.  Bill decided to teach himself how to podcast.  After learning the basics, he asked Brett Simons, (his “trivia nemisis” and veteran broadcaster at Shepherd University (WV) and announcer for West Virginia Professional (ATCW) Wrestling), if he would be the first guest on his show… he hasn’t left… and nor would Bill want him to leave.  So what started as simple encouragement from amazing friends turned into something neither one of us in our wildest dreams would imagine, and we are not even sure what THIS is… but because of you, we are doing something we both truly love and we are grateful for your love and support!